Le Gite Sainte-Marie
Des vacances empreintes de calme et de convivialité
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A thirst of nature...

If you are nature lovers, look no further. The Gite Sainte Marie is  surrounded by stunning scenery where you can relax fully. 

...Unforgetable Landscapes,

It is no coincidence that this cottage is so beautifully placed in its lush  greenery. In fact, you will be accommodated under the roof of the famous  photographer Klaus Neundorf. He will tell you the most significant  detours and times when nature puts on this sublimating sunlight. If you are a photographer yourself at your hours, do not hesitate to ask  your host, some pro tips for unforgettable images. Find the creations of Klaus on Panoramio website : And also on Google Map : 
Gite et Chambre d’Hôtes dans l’Aude

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